Athena Media awarded two new BAI Documentary Projects

  |   How To Win, News

In the latest round of BAI funding, Athena Media had two successful projects, a one hour TV documentary “How to Win” for Setanta Ireland and Cross Currents, a music documentary series presented by Barry McGovern for RTÉ lyric.
How to Win is a sports documentary that looks at the Irish approach to sports training and development, in the run up to the Rio Olympics in 2016 and benchmarks Ireland against its Olympic competitors. In the documentary we talk to top coaches, policy-makers and winners to explore the health of Ireland’s sporting culture.
Cross Currents is a landmark three-part music documentary series, narrated by award-winning actor Barry McGovern, exploring Irish composers’ work from 1975 to 1985. This defining epoch sees Irish composition flourish as young Irish composers look to Europe to re-imagine an Irish identity in music, paralleling many of the societal and economic shifts in post-de Valera Ireland.
Both How to Win and Cross Currents will air from Spring 2016 and enter development in July 2015.