Working with Champions – Past and Future

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How To Win TV Documentary.

Another busy week for the “How To Win” team. We talked to an ever enthusiastic Thomas Barr, just back and energised from some well deserved down-time after an incredible season. He was raring to get back to his training for Rio. Despite his lofty goals, he was quick to credit his family and home athletic club Ferrybank AC with providing him with the foundation to make it to the world stage, highlighting the importance of grassroots, local initiatives in honing Ireland’s raw talent. Living legend Sonia O’Sullivan kindly took time from a busy schedule to talk to us about what lies ahead for Irish athletics after she took part in the Dublin marathon. She emphasised the importance of individual love for sport combined with sharing communal experience in producing winning performances.
HTW montage Sonia O’Sullivan, Mark English and Thomas Barr
We then paid a visit to UCD where Sligo GAA player and lecturer in Exercise Metabolism Brendan Egan talked about what cutting edge research is telling us about the influence of nutrition and recovery on elite performance. As someone as comfortable on the pitch as he is in the lab, his expertise in this area is unique and invaluable. Olympian and Director of the UCD Institute for Sport & Health Colin Boreham provided us with a perceptive insight into the making of champions, and how programs like the UCD Ad Astra Academy can facilitate the growth of tomorrow’s winners.
Colin Boreham and Brendan Egan in conversation Chris Boreham in conversation with Brendan Egan
One such candidate is Mark English, a prodigious talent hard at work studying medicine and on his path to the Rio Olympics and beyond. We talked about what separates the good from the great, the support he receives and how his singular focus as an individual athlete translates to team relays.
Mark English training Mark English – Ready for Rio
We also caught up with the wonderful Tania Rosser, unparalleled in her experience and passion in elite rugby. She took us through how rugby has changed in recent years, how her background in New Zealand still informs her approach to the game nowadays and how essential visualisation and mental preparation is in International Rugby.
Tani Rosser Tania Rosser in training
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