The Power of Two

  |   Arthur Lanigan O'Keeffe, How To Win, Natalya Coyle, Olympic Modern Pentathlon, Rio 2016

In our hour-long sports documentary How To Win, airing on Setanta Sports this May 31st at 10:15pm, we share a glimpse into the lives of Olympic Modern Pentathletes Arthur Lanigan O’Keeffe and Natalya Coyle, two young Irish athletes at the top of their game.
This weekend, the duo managed to take home an incredible Gold in the Mixed Relay World Cup Final.

In a relatively young sport with little public awareness or financial support, the forces helping to shape the building wave of their success can be tracked back to Arthur and Natalya’s enormous commitment to their passion, and a small number of passionate coaches and directors with a novel, experimental approach to sporting success.
In identifying Olympic Modern Pentathlon as a sport where a small investment could create tangible impact at international level in a short time period, we are now seeing the fruits of that vision. What began as a ‘project’ at the National Sports Campus is now making waves on the World stage.
For a look inside their world, listen to these short audio features we put together from our interviews with Arthur and Natalya, and tune in on May 31st for an insight into what drives them.


How To Win is an Athena Media production for Setanta Sports made with the support of the BAI and the TV licence fee.